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RAC – Añadir un nuevo ORACLE_HOME y una nueva instancia

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Una vez este listo el Grid Infrastructure en el nuevo nodo es necesario añadir un nuevo Home de Oracle antes de levantar la instancia. Os dejo los pasos para poder hacerlo.

cd $ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin
./ -silent CLUSTER_NEW_NODES={"mogubedb11n3"}

Performing pre-checks for node addition 

Checking node reachability...
Node reachability check passed from node "mogubedb11n1"

Checking user equivalence...
User equivalence check passed for user "oracle"

Node "mogubedb11n3" already appears to be part of cluster

Pre-check for node addition was successful. 
Starting Oracle Universal Installer...

Checking swap space: must be greater than 500 MB.   Actual 2648 MB    Passed
Oracle Universal Installer, Version Production
Copyright (C) 1999, 2011, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Performing tests to see whether nodes mogubedb11n2,mogubedb11n3 are available
............................................................... 100% Done.

Cluster Node Addition Summary
Global Settings
   Source: /softw/app/oracle/product/
   New Nodes
Space Requirements
   New Nodes
         /: Required 5.00GB : Available 15.70GB
Installed Products
   Product Names
      Oracle Database 11g 
      Sun JDK 
      Installer SDK Component 
      Oracle One-Off Patch Installer 
      Oracle Universal Installer 
      Oracle USM Deconfiguration 
      Oracle Configuration Manager Deconfiguration 
      Oracle DBCA Deconfiguration 
      Oracle RAC Deconfiguration 
      Oracle Database Deconfiguration 
      Oracle Configuration Manager Client 
      Oracle Configuration Manager 
      Oracle ODBC Driverfor Instant Client 
      LDAP Required Support Files 
      SSL Required Support Files for InstantClient 
      Bali Share 
      Oracle Extended Windowing Toolkit 
      Oracle JFC Extended Windowing Toolkit 
      Oracle Real Application Testing 
      Oracle Database Vault J2EE Application 
      Oracle Label Security 
      Oracle Data Mining RDBMS Files 
      Oracle OLAP RDBMS Files 
      Oracle OLAP API 
      Platform Required Support Files 
      Oracle Database Vault option 
      Oracle RAC Required Support Files-HAS 
      SQL*Plus Required Support Files 
      Oracle Display Fonts 
      Oracle Ice Browser 
      Oracle JDBC Server Support Package 
      Oracle SQL Developer 
      Oracle Application Express 
      XDK Required Support Files 
      RDBMS Required Support Files for Instant Client 
      SQLJ Runtime 
      Database Workspace Manager 
      RDBMS Required Support Files Runtime 
      Oracle Globalization Support 
      Exadata Storage Server 
      Provisioning Advisor Framework 
      Enterprise Manager Database Plugin -- Repository Support 
      Enterprise Manager Repository Core Files 
      Enterprise Manager Database Plugin -- Agent Support 
      Enterprise Manager Grid Control Core Files 
      Enterprise Manager Common Core Files 
      Enterprise Manager Agent Core Files 
      RDBMS Required Support Files 
      Agent Required Support Files 
      Oracle 11g Warehouse Builder Required Files 
      Oracle Notification Service (eONS) 
      Oracle Text Required Support Files 
      Parser Generator Required Support Files 
      Oracle Database 11g Multimedia Files 
      Oracle Multimedia Java Advanced Imaging 
      Oracle Multimedia Annotator 
      Oracle JDBC/OCI Instant Client 
      Oracle Multimedia Locator RDBMS Files 
      Precompiler Required Support Files 
      Oracle Core Required Support Files 
      Sample Schema Data 
      Oracle Starter Database 
      Oracle Message Gateway Common Files 
      Oracle XML Query 
      XML Parser for Oracle JVM 
      Oracle Help For Java 
      Installation Plugin Files 
      Enterprise Manager Common Files 
      Expat libraries 
      Deinstallation Tool 
      Oracle Quality of Service Management (Client) 
      Perl Modules 
      JAccelerator (COMPANION) 
      Oracle Containers for Java 
      Perl Interpreter 
      Oracle Net Required Support Files 
      Secure Socket Layer 
      Oracle Universal Connection Pool 
      Oracle JDBC/THIN Interfaces 
      Oracle Multimedia Client Option 
      Oracle Java Client 
      Character Set Migration Utility 
      Oracle Code Editor 
      PL/SQL Embedded Gateway 
      OLAP SQL Scripts 
      Database SQL Scripts 
      Oracle Locale Builder 
      Oracle Globalization Support 
      SQL*Plus Files for Instant Client 
      Required Support Files 
      Oracle Database User Interface 
      Oracle ODBC Driver 
      Oracle Notification Service 
      XML Parser for Java 
      Oracle Security Developer Tools 
      Oracle Wallet Manager 
      Cluster Verification Utility Common Files 
      Oracle Clusterware RDBMS Files 
      Oracle UIX 
      Enterprise Manager plugin Common Files 
      HAS Common Files 
      Precompiler Common Files 
      Installation Common Files 
      Oracle Help for the  Web 
      Oracle LDAP administration 
      Buildtools Common Files 
      Assistant Common Files 
      Oracle Recovery Manager 
      Generic Connectivity Common Files 
      Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC 
      Oracle Programmer 
      Oracle Database Utilities 
      Enterprise Manager Agent 
      Oracle Netca Client 
      Oracle Multimedia Locator 
      Oracle Call Interface (OCI) 
      Oracle Multimedia 
      Oracle Net 
      Oracle XML Development Kit 
      Database Configuration and Upgrade Assistants 
      Oracle JVM 
      Oracle Advanced Security 
      Oracle Internet Directory Client 
      Oracle Enterprise Manager Console DB 
      HAS Files for DB 
      Oracle Net Listener 
      Oracle Text 
      Oracle Net Services 
      Oracle Database 11g 
      Oracle OLAP 
      Oracle Spatial 
      Oracle Partitioning 
      Enterprise Edition Options 

Instantiating scripts for add node (Tuesday, November 15, 2016 5:47:24 PM CET)
.                                                                 1% Done.
Instantiation of add node scripts complete

Copying to remote nodes (Tuesday, November 15, 2016 5:47:27 PM CET)
...............................................................................................                                 96% Done.
Home copied to new nodes

Saving inventory on nodes (Tuesday, November 15, 2016 5:53:09 PM CET)
.                                                               100% Done.
Save inventory complete
The following configuration scripts need to be executed as the "root" user in each new cluster node. Each script in the list below is followed by a list of nodes.
/softw/app/oracle/product/ #On nodes mogubedb11n3
To execute the configuration scripts:
    1. Open a terminal window
    2. Log in as "root"
    3. Run the scripts in each cluster node
The Cluster Node Addition of /softw/app/oracle/product/ was successful.
Please check '/tmp/silentInstall.log' for more details.
[root@mogubedb11n3]# /softw/app/oracle/product/

[root@mogubedb11n3]# tail -100f /softw/app/oracle/product/
Performing root user operation for Oracle 11g 

The following environment variables are set as:
    ORACLE_OWNER= oracle
    ORACLE_HOME=  /softw/app/oracle/product/
Entries will be added to the /etc/oratab file as needed by
Database Configuration Assistant when a database is created
Finished running generic part of root script.
Now product-specific root actions will be performed.
Finished product-specific root actions.
-- Creamos el tablespace de UNDO para el nuevo nodo


-- Añadimos los parametros necesarios en el init

create pfile='/tmp/initPRUEBA1.ora' from spfile;

alter system set instance_number=3 scope=spfile sid='PRUEBA3';
alter system set thread=3  scope=spfile sid='PRUEBA3';
alter system set undo_tablespace='UNDOTBS3'  scope=spfile sid='PRUEBA3';

-- Creamos los redos.


-- Añadimos la instancia como recurso del cluster.

srvctl add instance -d PRUEBA -i PRUEBA3 -n mogubedb11n3
scp initPRUEBA1.ora mogubedb11n3:$PWD/initPRUEBA3.ora

srvctl stop database -d PRUEBA
srvctl start database -d PRUEBA

-- Estado de los servicios

Resource Name                       Resource Type      Target       State         Node            State Details
----------------------------------- ------------------ ------------ ------------  ---------------- ---------------
ora.CRS.dg                          diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    
ora.CRS.dg                          diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n2    
ora.CRS.dg                          diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n3    
ora.DATA.dg                         diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    
ora.DATA.dg                         diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n2    
ora.DATA.dg                         diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n3    
ora.DATOS.dg                        diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    
ora.DATOS.dg                        diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n2    
ora.DATOS.dg                        diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n3    
ora.LISTENER.lsnr                   Listener           ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    
ora.LISTENER.lsnr                   Listener           ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n2    
ora.LISTENER.lsnr                   Listener           ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n3    
ora.LISTENER_SCAN1.lsnr             SCAN Listener      ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    
ora.RECO.dg                         diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    
ora.RECO.dg                         diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n2    
ora.RECO.dg                         diskgroup          ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n3    
ora.asm                             ASM                ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    Started
ora.asm                             ASM                ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n2    Started
ora.asm                             ASM                ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n3    Started
ora.cvu                             cvu                OFFLINE      OFFLINE                       
ora.gsd                             Gbl Svc Daemon     OFFLINE      OFFLINE                       
ora.gsd                             Gbl Svc Daemon     OFFLINE      OFFLINE                       
ora.gsd                             Gbl Svc Daemon     OFFLINE      OFFLINE                              Cluster VIP        ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1                Cluster VIP        ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n2                Cluster VIP        ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n3                    Network (VIP)      ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1                    Network (VIP)      ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n2                    Network (VIP)      ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n3    
ora.oc4j                            OC4J               ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    
ora.ons                             Ora Notif Svc      ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    
ora.ons                             Ora Notif Svc      ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n2    
ora.ons                             Ora Notif Svc      ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n3    
ora.prueba.batch.svc                service            ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    
ora.prueba.db                       database           ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    Open
ora.prueba.db                       database           ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n2    Open
ora.prueba.db                       database           ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n3    Open                       SCAN VIP           ONLINE       ONLINE        mogubedb11n1    


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